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about the old parts number

In KRFM's COILFIL, there is "Old T&R service" that TLT ( Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation
and also NSD ) are shipping, assuring the performance, which is equivalent to the old choke coil product, same model name as T&R ( old model name ).

This service is only available to those special customers ( persons ) who directly send their applications
to KRFM either by
  fax or e-mail.

This service started on January 2003 when Our Patent for this COILFIL ( COILFIL ) registered.

Old Model Name (P.N.) RF Choke Coil (COILFIL) Article Comparison Graph.

TLT's Old P.N.

NSD's Old P.N.


601 systems

- 601-09-4 With Core material
601-10-4 With Core material

602 systems

602-10 - Without Core Material
602-12 602-10-2 With Core material
- 602-13-4 With Core material
- 602-17-2 With Core material

332 systems

332-10 - Without Core Material
332-12 332-10-2 With Core material

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